Alanis Morissette and daughter Onyx sing Ablaze on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Especially the bit where she covers her mum’s mouth because Alanis won’t stop singing. 

Just because you’re famous, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to work with your kid sitting in your lap, chatting to you while you’re trying to perform to a national audience.

Just look at Alanis Morissette. The musician whose angsty songs were the anthems of many of our youths just showed everyone what a happy working and parenting juggle can look like.

At my house, working and juggling parenting during lockdown looked like a lot of yelling at kids to get their school work done. At Alanis’ house though, she deftly belts out her new single, “Ablaze” on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon with her four-year-old daughter Onyx asking her questions the whole time.

It’s hilarious, it’s adorable and we may have cried just a little.

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“Is it too loud?”

Alanis was performing on the show from home to launch her first album in almost a decade. In the video, Alanis is in her home recording studio with Onyx sitting next to her at the mic.

She giggles as the band starts playing and then looks down and tells Onyx, “Let’s not kick that thing because…” then she trails off because it’s time to sing. She jumps in on the first lyrics, the consummate professional.

Except then Onyx takes her headphones off and bonks Alanis in the nose.


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There’s a pause in the singing and she asks Onyx if it’s too loud. “It’s ok,” the little girl answers and then keeps talking even though her mum is busy singing.

“My mission is to keep the light in your eyes ablaze,” she sings at the end of the first chorus which is for her 10-year-old son, Ever.

Then it’s time for Onyx’s chorus. “Ready?” Alanis asks her middle child.  “To my girl, all your innocence and fire when you reach out, I am here hell or high water. This nest is never going awaaaaay… “ she sings.

It’s so lovely and has us a little choked up until Onyx offers a bit of comic relief.

“Did you say nest?” she asks her mum.

“Nest,” Alanis nods with a big smile, and then keeps singing.

“Why did you say nest?” Onyx talks over Alanis singing.

“Because it’s a nest,” Alanis answers.

Every time Alanis’ singing quiets, you can hear Onyx singing “doo doo doo” in the background.


“I had postpartum depression both times”

The 45-year-old singer shares three kids – Ever, 10, Onyx, four and Winter, one – with husband Mario “Souleye” Treadway. She’s been vocal about the ups and downs of motherhood, sharing her story of postnatal depression.

“I had postpartum depression both times, both kids, just basically feels like tar had taken over my whole body and I was just underwater and I kept having that image of wanting to get above the wave,” she has revealed.

“First time around I didn’t seek help for a year and four months … and the second time I waited four months. This time around I am not even waiting four minutes, I am going to be like, ‘OK, everybody, even if I say I am OK, I want you to resist believing me.'”


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