Aldi special buys: electric travel blanket is a must for winter sport, camping

 “I have one and they are awesome!” But some shoppers have pointed out something wrong about the ad. Did you spot it?

Baby it’s cold outside!

Yes, it’s officially ‘I’m-so-freaking-cold-I-just-want-to-carry-my-doona-around-with-me-all-day’ weather – well, we’re here to tell you that you can.

ALDI’s latest Special Buys sale has a heated travel blanket you can take anywhere, anytime when you just don’t have the courage to get out in the cold weather.

The 12V blankie on offer for $29.99 is on sale today Wednesday 3rd June. But you better get in quick, it’s going to be just as popular as the cast iron pots and wooden toys from the looks of things.

Heat me up, baby! Image: ALDI

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The blanket good for… everything!

When ALDI posted the ad for the heated blanket on Facebook, over 6K shoppers commented

“I need this for every day,” one eager shopper wrote.

“I have one and they are awesome,” another chimed in.

Others were tagging their friends and family and listing all the things the blanket would be good for –camping and sporting matches topping the list.

“These could come in handy for future camping adventures,” one fan wrote.

“Good for when local footy starts back,” another shared.

For those not keen on an electric blanket, there’s also a super-warm hooded blanket on sale for $29.99 which you can grab.

If you can’t get there, don’t worry. We found another heated throw rug you will like and you can order it now without the line up!

There’s also a hooded blanket on offer. Image: ALDI

This is possibly better than ALDI’s weighted blanket – the popular product people claim ‘cures’ insomnia.

Um, there’s something wrong with the picture

While shoppers were planning how they were going to nab one of the popular items and navigate their way through the rush while still social distancing, others were keen to point out to the German supermarket that there was something obviously wrong about the picture in their ad.

“Love the fact you advertise a summer sport with a winter product,” one person shared.

“Why would you be at a cricket game in the middle of winter?” another questioned.


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