Arnott’s Crackers: Jatz and Savoy debate dividing Aussies

Have you noticed that Arnott’s has two types of crackers that look exactly the same?


Jatz and Savoy have the same packaging and same look, yet apparently are not the same cracker.


A debate has erupted over social media which includes endless tweets and threats claiming that one cracker is better than the other.

Suffice to say Arnott’s were forced to clarify if there is actually a difference.

“Jatz and Savoy crackers are reasonably similar, but you can tell the difference immediately as ‘SAVOY’ is embossed on the Savoy cracker,” they said.

“There are also some recipe differences between the two crackers – the most obvious ones are that Jatz contains full cream milk powder and malt while Savoy contains golden syrup instead of malt.”

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Apparently these two crackers are not the same. Image: Twitter. 

The debate continues

Arnott’s also said that Savoy were first on the market in Victoria and Tasmania.

“They were then made in Melbourne by the Brockhoff biscuit company. Arnott’s joined with this company in the early 1960s and adopted many of its products.

“It was decided to keep Savoy and Jatz because consumers in Victoria and NSW were equally passionate about their local brands.”

Yet despite their difference in flavour, the website description for both reads the same.

“With their tasty base and great crunch, Jatz (or Savoy) are versatile enough for any cheese, dip or topping you can throw at them, making them perfect for all your entertaining occasions,” the site says.

But the debate still rages on which cracker is the better.

“I feel SO BAD for anyone who has to buy JATZ and not SAVOY’s. SAVOY biscuits are far more superior. I genuinely am so sorry for all you JATZ consumers. Melbourne knows where it’s at, just sayin” wrote one on Twitter.

What do you think? Which is the better cracker?


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