Arnott’s dessert range is iconic biscuits combined with desserts

Arnott’s has kept us well on our toes over the last couple of months. They’ve released a number of bake-at-home versions of their most popular biscuits including the Iced Vovo and the Scotch Finger and last week they asked the public’s help in picking the latest flavour of Tim Tam. 

But all the while they’ve been working on something bigger, a new range of our favourite biscuits with an Aussie-dessert inspired twist. 

The humble Scotch Finger, Iced Vovo and Shortbread Cream all received a makeover in Arnott’s newest range. The Iced Vovo was paired with the iconic lamington, and while the biscuit, jam and flaky bits of coconut all stayed the same, the pink icing was instead replaced by a chocolate ganache. 

Next up was the ultimate dunking bickie, the Scotch Finger. Partnered up with a salted caramel tart, this biscuit now includes crunchy chunks of caramel and an extra hit of saltiness. And finally, the Shortbread Cream just went full-on chocolate. Replicating the mud cake, arguably the simplest and most delicious of cakes, this new Shortbread Cream is now two crumbling chocolate biscuits encasing, you guessed it, chocolate cream. 

Speaking of the latest release of products Claire Brycki, Arnott’s Marketing Manager, said, “Arnott’s biscuits have been enjoyed by Australian’s for decades, especially icons such as Iced VoVo, Scotch Finger and Shortbread Cream. As a nation, innovation is at the heart of our identity, so combined with our great love for desserts and passion for biscuits, this new launch is the perfect balance of past and future. Not to mention that they’re delicious!”

These new dessert-inspired biscuits will be available in Coles from June 2 and independent grocers later in the month. Each variety will set you back $3. 

So what do they taste like?

I had the chance to taste these biscuits before they hit shelves last week. And because I take my job very seriously, I was sure to taste each variety on its own as well as alongside a cup of tea, it was the only way. 

I’ve never had an Arnott’s biscuit I didn’t like and these were no exception. But my favourite of the Arnott’s original lineup is the Iced Vovo and whilst I’ll smash a fresh bakery lamington every time I wasn’t a fan of the combo here. Chocolate was just one flavour too many. The mud cake Shortbread Cream was okay if you’re a fan of chocolate but the real winner of the new range was the salted caramel Scotch Finger. Arguably a touch too sweet, it is hard for me to turn down a dessert with a touch of salt in it. 

The Scotch Finger still goes great with a cuppa, and I discovered last night, even better crumbled over honey macadamia ice cream. See, I go to great lengths in research! 


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