Bunnings Product Finder App helps make trips quick and efficient

Unless you’re a DIY enthusiast, very patient or have loads of time on your hands – it’s easy to wander aimlessly around Bunnings.

Well, wander no more!

They now have an app to help you do ALL of the things in the shortest and most efficient amount of time.

Now you can search exactly what you’re looking for and find out if it’s in stock. And if it’s not at your local store – you can search other stores too.

And in even more efficient news – it give you the aisle number. Game changer!

It’s as simple as searching for a product, tapping on the aisle number, and you will be taken to the store map.

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“We are working on making it as accurate as possible”

However, sometimes the data may differ from the real store layout,

“We are working on making it as accurate as possible,” the site says.

And in even MORE efficient news – you can even create a shopping list of

Don’t panic if you get into the store and it tells you to find a team member.

“The product you are trying to find may be a product that we need to order in. To find out more, please go to the Special Orders desk and speak to one of our team members.”

So download the app and start creating that shopping list for the weekend.



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