Carrie Bickmore’s emotional tribute to teachers has parents applauding

While many parents are coming home with sweet messages written by their children thanking them for their homeschooling efforts, Carrie Bickmore has turned the attention on the teachers.

The Project star and mother of three took to Instagram to give educators a very loud virtual applause for all they have done for school children while their parents turned their dining rooms into a classroom.

Carrie shared the love. Image: Instagram

“Got emotional dropping Evie off at pre-prep this morning,” posted on social media, along with a picture of colourful flowers with the word ‘teachers’ splashed across it.

“Every time I started to say thank you to her teachers I choked up (didn’t help that they were playing ‘You’ve Got A Friend In Me’!!) What our teachers have done over the past few months (and always) has been amazing. I feel so so grateful.”

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A heartfelt tribute. Image: Instagram

Parents thank their teachers

Carrie’s sweet message had many parents agreeing with over 11K showing their support with a like.

“Thank you for the thank you – it’s really nice to be appreciated! It’s been such a tough time,” one followers, a teacher, commented.

“My daughter is a teacher and I’m in awe of her. She gives her everything to this amazing job, another added.

No more sleep ins… Image: Instagram

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Others gave a very clear insight into just how hard educators have been working during the online learning period.

One shared: “Teachers are amazing!!! Watching my full time colleagues push through, redevelop programs, try something completely new for the first time, be put completely out of their comfort zones and still have to produce quality for the benefit of others .. massive, MASSIVE well done!!! No one sees the HOURS and HOURS of extra work put in stress levels hightened, how some teachers actually cope with the expectations put on them is only a miracle!”

“Teachers- the only profession who refer to their students as “my kids” to others when talking about work,” another added.


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