Casula drowning: two toddler rushed to hosptial in critical conidtion

It’s not known how the 18-month-old girl and 23-month-old boy got into the gated and fenced pool.

Awi Achrafe walked into his worst nightmare on Saturday afternoon.

Paramedics were urgently trying to resuscitate his two toddler grandkids, 18-month-old Destiny and a 23-month-old Osmond.

The young cousins were found unresponsive in the backyard pool of a Lakewood Crescent home in Casula, in Sydney’s south west, at about 2.45pm.

The toddlers, who are both reported to be in a critical condition, are now fighting for their precious lives at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

Awi, along with the rest of the family, are utterly shell-shocked as to how the little ones got inside the fenced and secure pool.

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Paramedics take 18-month-old Destiny and a 23-month-old Osmond to hospital. Source: TNV

“All of the family were home at the time”

“All the family were home at the time. How they got into the pool I don’t know. The pool is fenced off and has a gate, the (children) couldn’t open it,” he told The Sunday Telegraph.

“I don’t understand how it could have happened. They don’t know how to swim, they’re only young.”

NSW Ambulance Inspector Gavin Wood told the publication that police officers arriving within eight minutes of the Triple Zero call was vital to saving Destiny and Osmond’s lives.

“Fortunately paramedics were able to return spontaneous circulation upon arrival,” he said.

“To treat a patient in a cardiac situation is challenging at the worst of times, but to treat two at the same time is very difficult.

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