Farmers and Co Peanut Butter: Woolworths drops Aussie product from shelves

Woolies have left its shoppers outraged as it pulled a popular Aussie product from the shelves recently.

When customers found they could no longer purchase Farmers and Co peanut butter, hoards took to Facebook to express their discontent.

The supermarket explained that removing the product from the shelves was “a difficult decision”, yet it didn’t stop shopper expressing their fury.

“What a disgraceful direction this company is taking. Under the current circumstances, I believe the Australian shopper will make a far greater effort to support our own,” one wrote. “Please reconsider this decision in order to support our beautiful country.”

 “I hope this is not true,” said another and others pleaded with Woolworths to “just stock Australian”.

“Hello Woolworths could you please keep this great tasting Aussie made/owned peanut butter from Farmers Co. on your shelves as I believe it is getting the chop,”wrote another.

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Low sales

The supermarket explained that they had to remove the product due to lagging sales.

“We made the difficult decision to remove Farmers Co peanut butter from our stores in our most recent range review process after a sustained period of underperforming sales,” a Woolworths spokesperson told

“While we have supported Farmers Co. over the last 18 months, it’s unfortunately not resonating with enough customers to continue stocking it.”

The supermarket suggested as an alternative, shoppers buy Bega’s Simply Nuts, which is made using 100 per cent Australian-grown peanuts and is available in the majority of Woolworths stores.

What about you. Will you miss your Farmers and Co peanut butter?


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