Fiance spends 11K of wedding money on gaming PC

When *Sally got engaged at the end of last year – she was on cloud nine.

Her and her fiancé *Greg immediately started frantically saving for the big day.

But just seven months later – her blissful bubble has been brutally burst. To the point that she doesn’t even recognise the man that she couldn’t wait to spend the rest of her life with.

“In six months, we saved around $8000 ($AUD11.5K),” Sally explained.

But in the blink of an eye – every cent is gone.

It all began when Greg asked Sally about buying a gaming PC after his friend had bought one.

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“I finally agreed to a gaming PC – but now I regret it so badly…” Source: Jerad Williams/News Corp Australia

“But now I regret it so badly…”

“I told him that he can play games on the laptop that he already has,” she said.

“He repeatedly kept asking me if he could buy a PC and I finally agreed to it – but now I regret it so badly…”

She said not only did the PC show up, but a new gaming specific desk and chair, as well as three 4K resolution monitors and “a very colourful keyboard, mouse, headphones and a microphone set”.

“That night, I asked him how much it all cost and he was a little hesitant to tell me … I was distraught when I heard that he had spent our entire savings of $8,000 to buy the PC,” Sally said.

“We had a very big argument that night and I scolded him for spending all our savings because it contained not only his money but my money as well, and we were saving it for our wedding.”

“He hasn’t got up from his new chair for two weeks…”

Things have only worsened since then – to the point of unbearable.

“He has totally ignored me and he has forgotten that I even exist in the house,” she wrote, adding that he’d also stopped doing chores around the house.

In fact, the 25-year-old man has turned into an obnoxious bratty child.

“It has been about two weeks since he got the PC and since then my fiance hasn’t got up from his new chair,” Sally miserably explained.

“Ever since he got the PC, he hasn’t even seen my face. The only time he talks to me is when he is hungry – he calls to me and tells me to get him something to eat/drink. I call him to watch TV and he denies it saying that he’s busy. I call him to sleep together and he denies it and says that he’ll sleep later.”

She said that he sleeps while she’s awake and stays up gaming until 5am, making her feel “so lonely that it feels like I’m alone at home and nobody to even talk to”.

“He is ignoring me so much that I think he has absolutely forgotten that I even exist in his life.”

Even his job is suffering…

And he has become so bad that it’s even impacting his work that she’s concerned that he’ll be sacked – or worse still – quit to spend more time gaming.

Unsurprisingly, the resounding advice from commenter was to dump Greg before he dumps her.

Some believe his juvenile behaviour suggests he wants out of the relationship – hence spending the entire wedding fund in one hit.

Yes, Sally dump Greg and run – it’s not too late!

*Names changed


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