‘Just because I’m a mum doesn’t mean I like kids’

“Becoming a mum didn’t turn me into a child loving saint. I love my child but I really don’t like yours.” Has your tolerance for other people’s children dwindled since having your own? 

Kids are the greatest, aren’t they? If you’re the sort of person who always wanted kids, that’s definitely what you think. You go gooey over your friends’ babies, gaga over your sister’s toddler… and you can’t wait for the day they’re old enough that you can take them out alone for a day of fun, hype them up on sugar and hand them back to their parents.

Then you have your own kids and you realise that yeah, kids ARE fun… but now, you only want to deal with yours. Because unlike the younger you, you don’t get to hand them back. YOUR kids are a full-time job and while you love it, you do not have the time – or the energy – to moonlight elsewhere.

A woman has taken to reddit in frustration that just because she is now a mother, she is expected to like all kids. And lemme tell you, it is a mood: 

“I love my daughter but no Susan your heathen is not cute and no I don’t want to see 20 pictures or your kids,” she begins, continuing, “I don’t want to watch your kids or have playdates because I quite frankly don’t like your kids and I don’t have to.”

She finishes her post with, “Becoming a mom didn’t turn me into a child loving saint. I love my child but I really don’t like yours.” 

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“I love my child but I really don’t like yours.” Image: iStock  

“The itch has been scratched”

Is this assessment harsh? Or absolutely fair? Like this woman, who says she doesn’t want to engage with other kids when she takes her own to the park, it seems plenty of people agree that their OWN kids are fine. Others? Not so much. 

“In a strange twist, having kids actually made me like kids LESS,” one said, remarking she used to be super into babies and babysitting, and now she’s had her own kids “the itch has been scratched.” 

Others agreed. 

“Hell to the yes! I didn’t like kids generally except for a few and having my own hasn’t changed that. No co-worker, I do not think your children are adorable and I would rather pull my eyeballs out with a skewer than look at any more pictures of them!” 

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Just… no! Image: iStock 

“I just don’t have the energy” 

One suggested that perhaps it was simply that, “I have to use 100% of my patience for my kid and I frankly don’t have any left for anyone else’s.” 

And to me, this rings so true. I actually do love kids – still, even after having my own – but it’s absolutely accurate that my patience runs a bit thinner these days when it comes to kids trying to stop and engage with me, especially when I’m busy trying to wrangle my own, or as this person puts it…

“Like please go bother the person legally responsible for you I don’t have the energy to smile and nod while you tell me a story about your toy car while I’m fighting my kid to put his shoes on.”


Honestly, our kids are ENOUGH. Image: iStock

“I love all children… I hate parents!” 

One had another interesting perspective on the situation, suggesting perhaps the problem wasn’t the kids – it was the adults controlling them… or, not, as the case may be. 

“I adore all children. Even the really rowdy ones… It’s f*cking pushy ass parents I don’t like… I’m not a sahp (stay at home parent) to be someone’s unwilling babysitter for less than minimum wage… And that’s always what these ‘playdate’ people are after. They are testing your boundaries to see if they can ditch their kids on you.” 

Plenty agreed. “I always tell other parents upfront that playdate to me means “parents of each kid are present to watch all our kids play” not “hey you can handle all the kids right?” Because that’s babysitting.”


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