Kmart reveals new homewares range: $79 blush velvet chair, $59 cane sideboard

Two words: blush velvet.

Whether we’re stuck inside because of lockdown or because of blustery winter days, we’ve all had plenty of time to look around our homes and decide which things we love and which things need work.

Enter Kmart and its latest homewares range. Between shades of rose gold and dusty pink, velvet chairs, globe lights and elegant gold room screens, the designers at Kmart have totally outdone themselves. 

Seriously, here is all our money. Please send us all the beautiful furniture and accessories.

Occasional chair, magazine rack, life is perfect. Photo: Kmart

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Pretty things, functional things, all the wonderful things

The new collection has pretty things, functional things, super on-trend things and things that generally make life more awesome.

There’s a blush velvet occasional chair with gold mid-century-style legs for $69, or an awesome kitchen organisation trolley that has a drawer, basket, side hooks and an all important wine rack for $79.

Kmart is also embracing the cane furniture trend with a double door rattan sideboard. For $59, you could get a trio to line a wall with beautiful storage, or use two as a media console under a wall-mounted flatscreen.

Anyone working from home in the chilly winter months will know that a cosy spot in bed is the perfect place to set up with your laptop, and the $7.50 bamboo foldable tray makes an ideal desk or surface to keep your teapot and cup.

A bit of pretty and a bit of practical. Photo: Kmart

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“I don’t know where I would put it all!”

The online community is all over the new range with Kmart Facebook group members tagging each other and making plans to hack some items.

A woman in the Kmart Hacks & Décor Facebook group commented, “I don’t know where I would put it all!”

“Oh great. Not that I need any more things from Kmart but I won’t be able to help myself LOL” wrote another person.

Bedside jewellery tray anyone? Photo: Kmart

Some people commented on Kmart’s recent stock shortages, wondering if they’d be able to find any of the new products at their local store.

“My Kmart is empty,” said one woman.

“I’ve been to two Kmarts and can hardly find anything I want :(“ wrote another person.

Give us all the cane furniture. Photo: Kmart


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