Kmart worker reveals discount shopping secrets in viral video

The TikTok video answering all of our burning questions has gone viral.

A Sydney Kmart employee has gone viral after sharing three “secrets” that will save you money when shopping in store.

A Kmart worker has spilled three shopping “secrets” that she claims will get you the best discounts and treatment in store.

Georgia Cook from Sydney shared her top tips on TikTok where it has received a lot of attention from excited bargain hunters.

The worker has lifted the lid on some in-house secrets. Image: TikTok

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Save some money with these tips

The 23-year-old even answered questions from people who wanted to know more, giving a helpful insight to those who want to save money.

“We give a 20 per cent or more if something is damaged, just ask,” Georgia said in the video.

The 23-year-old went on to say that “half the workers don’t know where stuff is”.

In the comments section Georgia explained it was “hard” to keep track because she works on the register and things move regularly.

But if you find the hard-to-locate items frustrating, Georgia suggests not taking it out on the employees.

“If you ask if something is out of stock we will say yes if you’re rude and arrogant,’ she claims. ‘So be nice.”

Ask for a discount, but do it nicely. Image: TikTok

The truth about damaged goods

One woman disputed her discount claims and said that she was only given 5 per cent for her damaged goods.

“All Kmarts are different for damaged items, that’s what we do with ours. It’s more if you accidentally bring a damaged item up and you still want it, you can ask for a discount,” she replied.

Others asked her why their Kmart is out of stock, to which she explained it was “such a tough time now” adding “everyone is low on stock”.

Not everyone was happy with Georgia’s helpful video, saying it was “your job” to show people where stock is – even if they’re not nice.

“I worked retail and even if someone was rude I’d check because that’s what I was getting paid to do,” one said.

Others warned she could “lose her job over this” to which she replied: “I didn’t expect it to blow up.” has contacted Kmart Australia for comment.

Kmart facts blow our minds

It is not the first time a helpful shopping trick has gone viral for the store, with one customer last year revealing a detail that blew minds.

The Aussie woman explained on Facebook that Kmart’s home brand products were colour coded, a detail she had never noticed.

“Not a hack (but) did everyone know all the Anko-branded stuff are colour coded?!” she wrote alongside a snap showing sports equipment.

“My husband just pointed it out to me casually and my little mind was blown.”

The colour coding secret blew our minds. Image: Supplied

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The colour-coded packaging used by Kmart on its home brand Anko products is spread across 10 categories.

The different sections include lime green for sports, dark green for camping and outdoor equipment and dark blue for luggage and bags.

Additionally, orange covers kitchen and appliances, blue, bathroom essentials while purple, yellow and pink demarcate kids’ stationery.

Light purple is the nursery department, grey signifies pets, light blue is adult’s stationery and pink or purple is the party section.

Former employee Rita Kaminski last year also lifted the lid on shopping secrets she said “Kmart didn’t want you to know”.

Her hot tips ranged from details on how to return items without receipts and reading barcodes.


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