Mortified mum brings 5yo to emergency because he put marble in his bum

Mortified mum’s reason for son’s hospital trip 


It’s hard to surprise parents. Catching vomit in your hands? Been there. So many times. Having to take your baby home on public transport wrapped in a towel because there was a poo-splosion and you forgot a change of clothes? Been there too. Only once.

But one mum’s experience with her five-year-old son might be weird enough to surprise even the most experienced, most jaded among us.

Brittany McKillop was chatting on her phone when her son walked in.

“I’m on the phone to my girlfriend and my five-year-old comes out looking really worried and walking real funny,” the mum said on a TikTok video.

The little boy explained that he’d “lost his marble”.

If you think it rolled under furniture or that he swallowed it, you’d be dead wrong.

If you know anything about kids, his chosen hiding spot isn’t surprising. Not at all. Photo: TikTok

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“Up my bum”

“So I asked him, ‘Where’s the last place you had it?’ And he went, ‘Up my bum’.”

Those are three words a parent never wants to hear. Because we can take a lot of insanity, but fishing marbles out of five-year-old’s bottom is not something anyone signed up for.

To her credit, Brittany got a pair of gloves and Vaseline, foolishly hoping she could get the marble out. What else could she do?

“I had a look and couldn’t find anything,” she said. “So I was like, ‘S**t we’re going to have to go to the hospital’.”

The conversation in the emergency room went like this.

“Why did you put the marble up your bum?”

“Mum, I wanted to keep it safe.”

“ERM, it’s not a pocket.”

YUCK. Photo: Tik Tok

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All’s well that pops out and goes rolling across the room

Luckily just walking into the x-ray room was enough to extract the marble.

“So we get to the x-ray room, he pulls his pants down and as he bends over, out comes this green marble bouncing across the room.”

Followers loved the story.

“That’s a story to tell his future girlfriend or boyfriend,” one person said.

“Please keep this story for his 21st,” another wrote.

“I am soooo happy I‘ve seen this,” said one mum. “My son is nine and when he was three he handed me a tiny Peppa Pig toy with poop on!! You are right, it’s not a pocket.”

Poor Peppa Pig.

“But mum, I just wanted to keep it safe.” Photo: iStock


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