Mum accidentally walks in naked on 7-year-old’s Zoom call

With all of us at home using video conferencing to work and have playdates, super embarrassing things are bound to happen at some point.

But imagine actually being the person who casually strolls by her seven-year-old’s Zoom chat with friends while you’re totally naked. Would you sink in the floor in shame, or, like Ashley Smith, would you make the most hilarious video about it, straight after the fact, still wearing your towel on your head?

Ashley can hardly contain herself, she’s laughing so hard at what just happened.

“I got out of the shower, walked across my bedroom to get my clothes, and all of a sudden I heard my seven-year-old from my bed go, ‘Hang on Bella.” And then Bella goes, ‘I think we might need to all hang up. We might be in trouble.’

“And I looked and saw my seven-year-old was Zooming her friends from my bed and they saw me naked. I don’t know why she was in my bed.”

Ashley can barely get the words out she’s laughing so hard. And what can you do in this situation but laugh, right?

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“How is this real life??”

Ashley posted the video to Facebook, saying that she wasn’t sure she wanted to share it, but in the end she decided everyone could use a laugh and she’d sacrifice herself to become a “cautionary tale”.

“What do I do? Do I write an apology note to all the parents? Or pretend it didn’t happen?”

Then she gets a genius idea and the look on her face shows she’s hopeful that maybe there’s a way out. “Or call them all liars and say they didn’t really see it.”

She covers her face as she cackles at how ridiculous that idea is.

Abandoning any hope that she can come back from this, Ashley wonders aloud, “How is this real life?

“I watch this stuff online and I’m like, ‘They’re lying, that didn’t really happen.’ Except it does. It really really happens and now a first grade class just got a biology lesson from me.”

“I have no clue how to handle this”

Being a practical woman, she returns to trying to think of a solution to cover up what just happened and comes up empty.

“I am dead. I have no clue how to handle this,” she says still laughing hysterically. “We’re probably going to get kicked out of school.”

Then her daughter pops her head into the screen grinning and Ashley can barely get the words out. “You are in so much trouble.”

Then she snort laughs.

The video is one of the most amazing things on the internet.

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“OMG I would die!”

Facebook thought it was amazing too with nearly 8000 people commenting.

“OMG I would die!” wrote one person.

“You win for most mortifying moment on the internet today!” wrote another.

“You ma’am are the best thing on the internet,” someone commented. “I love that you shared this.”

One person had helpful advice that we’re sure Ashley will follow from now on.

“This is why I always take my clothes I’m wearing with me and get change after I’m done drying off in the bathroom,” she wrote. “LMAO I’m not going to chance it!”

“No child saw anything”

Ashley updated her post later to read, “Edit: it has been confirmed that no child saw anything. Thank goodness!”

Hmmm. But why then did Bella think they were going to get into trouble, we wonder.


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