New Tim Tam sparks massive debate online

A new flavour will be hitting supermarket shelves very soon.

Every Australian knows that there’s nothing better on a cold winter’s morning than a Tim Tam and a cup of tea.

Excitingly, we’ll soon have a new flavour of our favourite morning snack to add to the rotation.

Arnott’s has announced a new Tim Tam flavour will be hitting the shelves in Coles very soon, reported.

We just have one choice to make first – what flavour will it be?

Arnott’s has decided to give Aussies the opportunity of picking the new flavour – giving us a choice between Double Choc Caramel Cream and Coconut.

So what will it be?

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The decision on the new Tim Tam flavour is in your hands. Picture: SuppliedSource:Alamy

“We can’t wait to see what they decide”

The two flavours on offer both feature two crunchy choc biscuits sandwiched together.

However, the Caramel Cream flavour has a toffee-style caramel centre while the Coconut flavour features a sweet, creamy coconut filling.

Australians can cast their vote on the TimTamVote website before June 2.

“There’s no denying that Tim Tam is Australia’s most-loved chocolate biscuit with its uniquely indulgent combination of biscuit, cream filling and chocolate coating,” Arnott’s marketing manager Matt Grant said.

“We know that our Tim Tam fans go crazy for new flavours, which is why we wanted to give them the power this time, by asking them to decide on our next new and exciting flavour.

“And we can’t wait to see what they decide.”

“Ewww to both”

Unsurprisingly, the choice between the flavours has kicked off a massive debate online – with Aussies convinced that their pick is the right one.

“Definitely voting coconut! Would be like a biscuit Bounty! There’s so many caramel flavoured biscuits already,” one person commented on Tim Tam’s Facebook page.

Not to be outdone, caramel fans began to flock to the page, announcing that they were “for sure” voting for the toffee flavour Tim Tam.

“Caramel hands down,” one commenter wrote.

But some Tim Tam fans weren’t thrilled with either option.

“No for both. I don’t like coconut and too many versions of caramel already out there.. Black Forest ones should be a permanent line,” one person said.

“Ewww to both… honeycomb might work,” another commenter said.

 “Passionfruit milk chocolate or why don’t you try multi-flavour packs? That would be awesome,” another added.


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