Parents are sharing the weird notes their kids have passed them while WFH

Have you been midway through a zoom meeting and had to do a double-take at some destruction caused by your kids? Working from home in 2020 can be pretty comical at times.

Kids are weird little wonders, aren’t they? They’ve had to put up with a lot this year – hell, we all have – but for the most part, they’ve rolled with the punches and proven that they don’t need much to be happy. 

They’ve had to adapt to a lot of change in their little lives in a short space of time and one of the biggest changes has undoubtedly been homeschooling, or rather, being at home while their parents attempt to play the role of teacher… while trying to work from home at the same time. 

As we all know, homeschooling has been the worst. It’s been impossible to get anything done with kids around and often we’ve had to pretend they’re not around, taking important meetings via zoom whilst doing a BBC dad and trying to shove our kids out of sight while they press every button on the computer keyboard. 

American journalist, Helen Rosner, started a storm on twitter recently when she shared a perfect, hilarious note, wordlessly handed to her friend by her daughter, while they were both in lockdown. 

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“There is a dead animal in the garden”

The simple tweet set off a cavalcade of mums and dads sharing similar stories from WFH life. Plenty had their own hilarious notes to share, mostly involving poo and other bodily fluids, barely legible but still completely terrifying. 

“There is a dead animal in the garden by the garage,” was all that one note said, while another wrote, “Abbie had a poop and it’s running so fast she cannot wipe so I told her to stay there, it’s on the toilet and the floor…” with one commenting how great it was that the kid took the time to write it out so carefully rather than try and verbalise her panic. 

Others were keen to just share just how much they were all *killing* at the whole work-from-home/lockdown situation, with one child creating a near-perfect amount of passive-aggressive energy by combining a savage put-down with adorable stationery:

Another shared her kids’ contribution, saying, “We close the home office door for work calls, and told the kids to slip notes under the door if it was urgent… I guess this was urgent,” she said, sharing a note saying, simply “What’s for dinner?”. “It was 10am”, she added. 

We don’t deserve kids. They’re the best

They weren’t all terrifying tales of bodily fluid or demands for (yet more) food: some were adorable queries about how much longer the call would take because they “needed a cuddle”, while others had children who were simply concerned their parents might be hungry, and were looking out for them. 

This kid didn’t need food or a cuddle specifically, she just needed more “utenchon” and, same, tbh. 

People loved the thread so much, one even suggested this was a whole COVID-era “series” that should be made into a coffee table book and we are absolutely here for that. 


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