Shoppers sneaky grocery habit blasted by grocery owners

Are you guilty? If so you might be charged double for the faux pas.

Shoppers are frustrating grocery owners with their unruly habits and one establishment has put its foot down and demand it be stopped or its customers will be charged double.

After several shoppers snapped off broccoli stalks and dumped them before heading to the cash register to have their goods weighed, a grocery store in Sydney’s Inner West put up a sign to alert consumers.

“Do not remove broccoli stalks,” it read. “Otherwise be charged double”.

While this habit may be news to you, shoppers aplenty do it, suffice to say that legions of abandoned stalks are found at the bottom of the crates.

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Do you snap the stalks off veggies to save a few bucks? Image: Facebook

“I always do it”

“I always break it off and leave it,” one stalk snapper confessed to

“It’s not about the cost, it’s the principle of being forced to pay for a stalk that won’t be used. Similarly, at the butcher I always ask that any excess fat is trimmed off.”

“You get charged by weight so everyone breaks off the bits they don’t eat to get more bang for their buck,” another admitted.

But one consumer said the habit “did her head in”.

“Almost all fresh produce has a certain amount of waste – peel, core, seeds – that isn’t used but you still have to pay for it,” she said.

“You don’t go around leaving banana peels behind or the seed of an avocado. It’s just life.”


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