Sydney opera house launches for the kids at home digital program

You can’t go to the theatre yet but you can catch a concert, meet a ballerina, take up the trombone or practise puppetry from the comfort of your own home. 

We’re definitely starting to get back to a new normal in terms of coronavirus restrictions easing. Yes, we can now go to the playground and we can meet outdoors in groups of 10, but major social experiences like sports games or going to the theatre are still off the cards for now. 

The Sydney Opera House doesn’t want your kids to miss out on the latter, however, announcing the launch of a digital program so that everyone can experience the Opera House from their own home.

The content is meant to be interactive, hands-on, and created especially to inspire young minds. There’s everything from classical music, podcasts, ballet, model-making, concerts and puppetry – and there’s something for kids of all ages to discover. 

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Meet a ballet dancer! Image: supplied 

Give the Opera House a call

Ever wanted to ask the Opera House a question? Like “how do you clean those giant doughnut things in the concert hall”, or “have you ever been tempted to get a giant cardboard box and slide down the sails?” 

If your kids are as curious as I am, they can actually give them a call – just dial 02 8074 5907 with your question and they’ll answer it in an upcoming podcast series, House Call. Go on, as they say, “no question is too silly or too small.” 

In terms of entertainment, there are new offerings available regularly – just subscribe to their weekly email – plus plenty on demand. 

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Why not give the house a call? Image: supplied. 

From the Opera House stage to your sofa

Kids can delight while renowned Australian pianist Simon Tedeschi takes on Mozart, in Metting Mozart or discover the enchanting tale of a young boy who longs to be an illusionist, in the story full of magic tricks, The Illusionist.

They can also digitally meet musicians from the Australian Youth Orchestra and the Australian Chamber Orchestra and enjoy face-to-face encounters with stars of the Opera House stage – like ballet dancers – in the short series Who’s in the lift?

There’s also Arty Farty, a podcast just for kids that shares special moments, insights, tips, tricks and more from kids themselves, and creative types who appear here at the House.

Learn a new skill

In addition to the music, dance and theatre to enjoy, there are also hands-on activities that will inspire budding architects, designers and illustrators to get creative. Kids can learn circus skills, model-making and download colouring books to enjoy. They can also go behind the scenes to learn how set designers bring their magical ideas to life. 

You can find the full program -including how to subscribe for updates – on their website. 

Your kids can watch the magic show, ‘The Illusionist’. Image: supplied


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