Wife doesn’t want to have dead husband’s baby

*Page’s love story started off like a romance novel.

The 32-year-old and Nigel met when they were just kids.

“We were in a relationship since high school and we kinda grew up together. We both graduated and found decent jobs with good packages. Our parents are from the same city where we were born and grew up and knew each other,” she explained on Reddit.

However, in mid-2017, their fairy tale came tumbling down …

“My husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness and during initial treatment phase, he wanted to freeze his sperm. Then it was a hectic and heart breaking 20 months where we explored all the treatment options available,” she painfully explains.

“During treatment and right until after, both our parents and siblings and their partners were very supportive. They managed everything so most of my time was spent with him without having to navigate the insurance and other admin stuff.”

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“I am living on my own now (by choice) because I still feel such a pain like someone has cut a part out of me. Source: iStock

“I still feel such a pain like someone has cut a part out of me”

By early 2019, Nigel was moved into palliative care.

From then on, my only aim was to make him comfortable. He had a couple of wishes and I made sure it was done. He always spoke about me having a child with his frozen sperm using IVF after he was gone. I think I said ‘OK’. He also spoke about it to our parents.

Her high school sweetheart of five years passed away within a year and Page’s grief is still as raw as the day she last laid eyes on Nigel.

“I am living on my own now (by choice) because I still feel such a pain like someone has cut a part out of me. All I do is get up, go to work/connect remotely to work, come back/log off and cry myself to sleep. I don’t think I want anything more in life other than just living like this.”

“I didn’t want to do it back then or now”

However, Nigel’s family have other plans for Page’s life

“Now his parents and his siblings (two out of four) want me to get pregnant to fulfil my promise to him. I don’t want to. I didn’t want to do it back then either.”

She goes onto explain why she told her dying partner that she would fulfil his final wish after he’s gone.

“But I just said yes 1: To not upset him and 2: I didn’t want him to think I loved him less because ‘I didn’t want a part of him and the remainder of the lovely life we shared’ as he described it.”

“They’re calling me every day to talk about it”

Disturbingly, Nigel’s family are pressuring her to the point of bullying and harassment.

“They are making me the monster girl who wouldn’t fulfil a promise made to a dead man. They say I can even give birth and leave it to them or my parents to raise the child. I don’t want to. They think I am ‘enjoying’ my single life and I would rather be free than make their son rest in peace,” she said.

“This has escalated so much as to someone or the other calling me every day to talk about this. They are saying I should have refused to my husband. I mean … I couldn’t have. I love him and I couldn’t have said no … It honestly makes me feel I lied to him.”


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