Woman marries her 20yo stepson after raising him for 13 years

This comes just weeks after revealing she was expecting her stepson’s baby and divorcing his father.

Marina Balmasheva raised Vladimir “Vova” Shavyrin as her stepson for 13 years.

But the Russian mummy blogger, who documented her 127kg weight loss on Instagram, dropped a massive bombshell when she announced in May that she was now in a relationship with the 20-year-old young man.

And just a few weeks after announcing she’s having his baby and divorcing his father, the pair, with the 15-year age gap, have tied the knot.

Marina shared the news about the big day on her Instagram page with a photo of the happy couple , alongside the caption: “husband and wife”.

“Thank you so much for your kind words,” she said in the roughly translated Instagram post.

A video shows the pair were dressed casually for the ceremony.

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Source: Instagram

“There was a good mood and a little embarrassment”

“We drove to the registry office, I didn’t even have a hairbrush with me. The rings were in the car. There was a good mood and a little embarrassment,” she said.

“After the registry office, we dressed in typical wedding attire and enjoyed a nice reception at a local restaurant with several guests.”

Back in 2007, Marina married Vovo’s father Alexey Shavyrin.

They were together for 13 years and raised five children, reportedly adopting them, which means Vova is legally her son.

Alexey revealed in the past that he only found out about the controversial relationship in March this year.

Source: Instagram

“A few minutes later, she lay down next to me…”

“I could not fall asleep one night when I heard them having sex,” he told Russian talk show Pryamoy Efir.

“A few minutes later, she just came and lay down next to me. I didn’t tell her a word that night.”

He said he was so shocked that he didn’t know what to do after discovering his wife’s controversial affair and waited weeks before confronting Marina about it.

Just last month, the new couple announced that they were expecting, with a video that showed Marina handing Vova a pregnancy test who looking at the result before they embraced.

Before her dramatic weight loss, she admitted to being an “unhappy woman” but has now turned her life around to become a “skinny b**ch”.

She talked about being left with sagging skin after losing weight, but last year – when she was still with Vova’s father, she had surgery to remove it.


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