Woolworths: Delivery driver’s heroic act after mum is locked out of home by 4-year-old son

“Thank-you Woolies. You saved the day.”

Melbourne teacher and mother-of-two Jessica Skogstad found herself in a bit of a pickle when she walked out of the house to greet the Woolies delivery driver, only for her four-year-old to lock the family out of the house on a freezing cold winter’s morning.

Dressed in their PJ’s and the husband Chris at work, Jessica’s only option would have been to walk to the shops in her pyjamas with her two kids in tow, to borrow a phone to call her grandfather to come and save her, had the Woolies delivery driver not step into help her.

“What does your hero look like? Mine looks like the Woolworths delivery man who just called my grandfather to come save us,” she shared on Facebook.

“Without the Woolies guy, we would have had the following options: Walk 20 minutes in our pjs to mum’s house, sit in the car and wait six hours for Chris to get home, go to the shops in our pjs and ask to use a phone there. So, thank you Woolies delivery man. You saved the day.”

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Jessica was left in a bit of a pickle when her four-year-old son locked her out of the house. Image: Supplied. 

“He was so lovely”

“He was so lovely, I gave him my grandfather’s number because he’s got a key to my house and he dialled it for me and put it on speakerphone,” she told Kidspot.

“I have to say, I was glad the kids were locked out with me, because if they were locked inside and I was alone out there I would have been screaming.”

“He wasn’t actually going to leave until he made sure we were okay, he was really reluctant to leave,” she added.

Jessica said in retrospect, she thought that taking her kids with her to the door would “eliminate any chaos that would come our way.” 

“But when I heard the door lock during the Woolworths delivery, I turned my head and he was right next to me, and I just said, ‘Clark, did you lock that door?’”

Then the reality of having to walk to the shops in her pyjamas dawned on Jessica.

Jess was not keen on walking to the shops in her pyjamas but thankfully the Woolies delivery driver came to the rescue. Image: Supplied. 

“We’re pleased to help”

“I teach at a local high school so I wasn’t too keen on my students spotting me at the shops in my pyjamas,”she laughed. 

Thankfully, the kind Woolies driver was there to help and the store said they were happy to help out.

“We’re pleased to hear our driver was able to help Jess out, and thank him for going the extra mile,” WooliesX (Woolworths online) Head of eCom Operations Logistics Gavin Keelty said in a statement.

“We love to see our team members doing their bit to bring a little good to someone’s day – whether it’s in-store or on the delivery route.”


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