You can now enjoy a Choc Top during your family movie night at home

 The iconic cinema snack is now on shelves and we’ll take one of each flavour! 

Now that isolation restrictions are easing, a lot of people I know have been repeating the same thing… “I can’t wait to go to the cinema”. 

At first, I found this odd, wasn’t everyone neck-deep in Netflix and old DVDs like I was? Why would the thing they wanted to do when they were released from their homes involve looking at another screen? But then I thought about everything else that comes with going to the movies. The reclining chairs that you definitely don’t have at home, the feeling of watching a movie most other people probably haven’t seen yet, the previews that I make sure I am always on time for and, of course, the snack bar. 

Nowhere makes popcorn like a movie cinema does. You know, so buttery and salty that you could lick your fingers five hours later and they’d still taste like buttered popcorn, and Choc Tops, the ice cream so simple and delicious but oddly confined to dark, carpeted theatres. Which is why we’re thrilled that as of today, you can now grab yourself a chocolate shell coated ice cream during your weekly shop. 

That’s right, Choc Tops are back baby!

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Arguably the second most iconic movie snack. Source: Supplied

Bulla has teamed up with Coles to ensure that family movie nights at home needn’t be accompanied by ice cream divvied out from a big tub and eaten with a spoon. No, no, no. You can buy your favourite flavour Choc Top and devour it while watching your favourite film in the comfort of your own home.

This is the first time Bulla Choc Tops will be available to purchase in supermarkets and just like buying takeaway food, picking up a bunch of ice cream right now will be beneficial to the economy. The partnership between Bulla and Coles has also allowed Bulla to reassign some of its factory staff impacted by the shutdown of cinemas to the packing of these products. 

Commenting on the partnership, CEO of Bulla, Allan Hood said: “Since the closure of cinemas across the country, we have been working hard to find alternative solutions to ensure Aussies don’t miss out on the high-quality products they know and love during these trying times.” 

But not all of these flavours are available nationwide. Source: Supplied

“We are thankful for the support of Coles in partnering with us to enable movie (and ice cream) lovers across the country to recreate the authentic movie night experience in their own home, complete with our Bulla Choc Tops.” 

“The Choc Top is synonymous with cinema outings and as Australia eagerly awaits their return, we are still working closely with our cinema partners to ensure there is plenty of product to supply once they are open again to the public,” Hood added. 

The Choc Tops will be available for a limited time only but not all flavours will be available nationwide. In Victoria, NSW and Tasmania you’ll be able to purchase mint, vanilla, salted caramel and cookies & cream flavoured ice creams. In Queensland, WA and SA you can get your hands on mint, vanilla, choc fudge and boysenberry. 


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